Four Springs Capital Trust is an internally managed real estate investment trust focused on acquiring, owning and actively managing a portfolio of single‑tenant, income producing industrial, medical, office, and necessity retail properties throughout the United States that are subject to long‑term net leases.

We seek to acquire single‑tenant net lease properties throughout the United States that are leased to high quality tenants and have remaining lease terms in excess of 10 years with contractual rent increases. We believe these properties offer benefits as compared to other types of commercial real estate due to the relative stability of the cash flows from long‑term leases, as well as reduced property‑level expenses and capital expenditures resulting from the net lease structure. We generally target properties with purchase prices ranging from $5 million to $25 million, as we believe there is less competition from larger institutional investors that typically target larger properties and portfolios. Our portfolio is diversified not only by tenant, industry and geography, but also by property type, which we believe differentiates us from certain other net lease REITs and further reduces risk and enhances cash flow stability. We are an active asset manager and regularly review each of our properties for changes in the credit of the tenant, business performance at the property, industry trends and local real estate market conditions.

Our senior management team has extensive net lease real estate and public and private REIT management experience. Since our inception, our management team has also developed and implemented internal processes, procedures and controls to establish a scalable infrastructure that we believe will allow us to grow efficiently. We are actively investing in single‑tenant net lease real estate and have developed a reputation as a credible and active buyer of single‑tenant net lease real estate within the industry. We leverage our extensive network of long‑standing relationships with owners, tenants, developers, brokers, lenders, private equity firms and other participants in the real estate industry to access a wide variety of acquisition opportunities.  We believe that our knowledge of the net lease market, reputation as a credible and active buyer, and extensive network of long‑standing relationships will provide us access to a pipeline of attractive investment opportunities, which will enable us to grow and further diversify our portfolio.


Our portfolio is diversified by tenant, property type, industry and geography, and has an average remaining lease term in excess of 10 years. Our portfolio’s highlights include credit quality of tenants, duration of leases, net lease structure, and diversification.